I read this post on Freshly Pressed titled “10 Things Nobody Warned Me About My Twenties” and I have to say I really can relate.

It’s like I spent the last 2 years asking myself existential questions but the fact is I’ve stopped caring and just continued living. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t keep over-thinking everything because then I will never stop.

Sure, life is unpredictable and at this age I can’t help but worry about a million things, like how I need to earn more money, how my parents are getting older and older, how my brother is turning 30 but still mucking around, how everyone seems to be moving on in life except me, how I’m nearing my mid-twenties and everyone around me is getting married while I’m single, how I seem to be stuck in a bubble and I can’t get out?

But I have stopped the worrying and started trying instead. Time is something money can’t buy. We think that we are stuck in the same spot but the truth is, every year we are changing.

So sit tight, put on your safety belt, and just live this ride called the twenties.